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Clinical Engineer
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Description : Do you want to use your medical knowledge to build something awesome? Join Anima and save lives Ever feel like you’re a ‘flowchart robot’ just following a pre-defined set of guidelines? Do you miss thinking creatively and imaginatively*?* Join Anima, and you can have your cake and eat it too: we pay upper quartile for salary + equity, and as a Clinical Engineer, you’ll use your medical training every day to solve super interesting technical problems that will save lives – problems that only you, a Clinical Engineer with your medical knowledge, can solve.Clinical Engineers need to have a medical or a medically-affiliated degree. Otherwise, no specific experience, including coding, is required for this role.Since soft launch 2 months ago, we’re now used in GP practices across the country and are growing rapidly.My name is Shun, a medical doctor and CEO of Anima. Thanks for checking out our job ad! We’re tackling a problem that has affected everyone in some way. As medics, you will have personally experienced the problem:Globally, millions die every year because their medical problems aren’t treated quickly enough. Hundreds of millions suffer pain, worry and discomfort needlessly because of long waiting times.We’ve built ambitious software to automate the entire healthcare workflow – from history taking consultations, to report abstraction, to recommending & saving a coded action plan for the patient, ready for a human doctor to greenlight.By doing this, we get patients optimal care within 24 hours and 10x the clinical workflow in the process. It’s a win-win for patients and healthcare professionals.The whole Anima team have personal experience of the problem we’re solving: we’re building what we wished we had as doctors.Backed by a top 1% VC and Y Combinator (home of epic companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, Stripe)We were one of the hottest companies of YC’s W21 batch: we raised over $2.5m before Demo Day within 4 days, led by Hummingbird (consistently top 1% of global returns), giving us a runway of 4+ years. We are pretty unique among health techs: we have both medical and engineering domain expertise – there are 4 doctors working full time at Anima, as well as ‘pure’ software engineers. I wrote the first backend in Node, 80% of which is still used. As a doctor and former HM Treasury health policy advisor managing £4bn budgets in UK health spending, I have full stack domain knowledge and personal experience of the problem we’re solving. Like me, the whole Anima team have personal experience of the problem we’re solving: we’re building what we wished we had as doctors.Our mission is to deliver precision medicine to everyone in the world, within 24 hours. We know exactly how to get there and we’re moving ferociously with focus.Anima has a unique hacker culture: everyone is technical with almost complete autonomy Everyone is technical at Anima and can write production code. This makes for a truly flat hierarchy. There’s no separate founder, product or customer team. We’ve been able to make huge strides in the NHS because we all deeply understand the problem, engineering, grading for potential features, and real life clinical trade-offs. This deep domain knowledge is ultimately how we integrated with the major electronic health records (EMIS and SystmOne) in just 4 months.We only hire exceptional talent who can think from first principles and have high growth potential – great decision makers who deserve to have complete autonomy and are forces of nature when empowered with it. At the same time, we are deeply collaborative, and through mutual and self-challenge, we converge towards the optimum, and decisively execute. We are united by child-like intellectual curiosity and experiment and wander freely when the right path isn’t clear. We believe all future managers should be formidable ICs & domain experts.Decisions are never made in isolation by the founders. All information is transparently available to the whole team on our Notion – every meeting, decision, success, failure. Anima is a safe refuge for everyone to share their honest thoughts, feelings and be their complete unfiltered self. We offer unlimited holidays and flexibility over work schedule and location.Use your unique skill set to make the highest marginal impact Lots of us went into medicine because we wanted to maximise our positive impact. We believe that you can make an even greater impact as a Clinical Engineer at Anima, where you can translate your clinical knowledge into algorithms that benefit hundreds of thousands (in future, millions) of patients and their clinicians.When everyone is technical and make great decisions, it’s much easier to stay on the same page & execute rapidly. This means we have a super short latency from ideation to real usage – here are two recent examples:James, a clinical engineer (a SE + ex-NHS doctor), came up with and initially made a scrappy Google Sheets tool for creating clinical modules, achieving a 2-3x speedup vs. writing JSON. Two weeks later he went further and built a visual editor in React in 5 days, 10x-ing clinical module creation and testing.Mykola, a pure software engineer, integrated our product with a key UK EMR API (electronic medical record) in just 4 days, building an Electron desktop app with a node.js server to communicate locally with the EMR client. The same week, real doctors were testing and using the desktop app.Does this sound like you? Hungry and wants their shot to change the world – a force of nature when empowered with the tools, resources and development to do it.Feels unable to fulfil their intellectual and creative potential in clinical practice; feel strangled by the lack of opportunity to create, synthesise and build. Wants to increase their impact, and at a larger scale.Have hacked together a cool project in the past, that did something useful, and want to relive that feeling of accomplishment (everyday!)Ideally, prior coding experience with Javascript/Python. If no coding experience, then hungry to learn & can demonstrate high growth potential for software engineering at interview.Pragmatic rather than dogmatic in decision making: able to weigh real world data appropriately, changing course when necessary towards optimal outcomes for patients and clinicians.Strong command and breadth of clinical knowledge, skills and best practice, grounded in first principles.Exceptional communicator, able to distill complex information into clear and concise bullets without jargon.Keen to understand the big picture & entire context of the company and vertical; impatient to grow towards a senior executive role.Seeks to maximise combined team productivity, communicating the right things at the right time through the right channels.Intellectually curious and loves learning – able to tackle entirely novel challenges that lack prior precedent through first principles thinking, creatively using the right pragmatic approach, with an understanding of alternatives and trade offs.We don’t enforce any particular experience level, but you’ll need to demonstrate most of the above through past projects and/or our assessment process.Our current stack & what to expect from the role A lot of this won’t make sense yet (and that’s okay!) – here is some information on our technical stack in case you are interested: we are tech agonistic, and collectively choose the best tools for the job. We’re constantly looking to maximise our productivity and minimise what we call “discounted dev time cost” for shipping features. We have 2 separate fully functional web apps in prod: one for clinical users and one for patients. Our stack is currently entirely in JS/TS: Angular + Ionic + Electron, React (internal tools), Amplitude (analytics), a fully serverless backend in AWS (Cognito, APIG with REST & Websocket, Lambda, DynamoDB). We have good functional & unit test coverage and we recently implemented an advanced CI/CD pipeline which supports golden screenshots and automated frontend tests.Our stack is in a great place already: highly scalable, cost effective, good test coverage, easily maintained, secure and per
formant with minimal to zero Ops. We write, test, deploy & ship new features rapidly.We’re looking to add talented Clinical Engineers who are hungry and understand the urgency and importance of what we’re doing for society.First month – some examples of what to expect:Help complete key third party API integrations, including with another legacy EHR system. Keep shipping features that result in a high retention delta (some examples: multi-disciplinary chat, desktop notifications, one-click specialist referral).Use domain expertise to feedback and iterate on our internal tools.Use domain expertise to build clinical modules, abstractions of best practice guidelines.Join customer calls to develop a deep understanding of their fundamental motivations and needs/pain points, and translate this into optimal features to build.Next 6 months – some examples of what to expect:Help architect and deploy a scalable & cost effective ETL data pipeline with version control, outputting clean data ready for tokenisation.Help train a deep learning model for general healthcare use cases, using clinician intuition to optimise training data mix.Hire/scale the team, while implementing the right processes at the right times to maximise discounted team productivity and minimise discounted dev time cost for shipping features.6+ months – some examples of what to expect:Potential to transition to a more managerial/executive role.Work with the ML/data team to creatively ideate and ship features to improve data pipeline throughput and quality through a data-driven approach powered by analytics.This is a permanent role: things get even more exciting down the line!Job Types: Full-time, PermanentBenefits:Additional leaveCompany eventsCompany pensionCycle to work schemeFlexible scheduleSick payUnlimited paid holidaysWork from homeSchedule:Monday to Friday
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