[New Job Opening] Internal Medicine Specialist job Vacancy in Al-Ayn

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Internal Medicine Specialist
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Description : Treat internal disorders, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and problems of the lung, brain, kidney, and gastrointestinal tract.Treat chronic diseases or disorders.Prescribe or administer medication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.Administer non-intravenous medications.Prescribe treatments or therapies.Prescribe medications.Explain procedures and discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients.Explain medical procedures or test results to patients or family members.Manage and treat common health problems, such as infections, influenza and pneumonia, as well as serious, chronic, and complex illnesses, in adolescents, adults, and the elderly.Treat acute illnesses, infections, or injuries.Treat chronic diseases or disorders.Analyze records, reports, test results, or examination information to diagnose medical condition of patient.Analyze test data or images to inform diagnosis or treatment.Provide and manage long-term, comprehensive medical care, including diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases, for adult patients in an office or hospital.Diagnose medical conditions.Treat chronic diseases or disorders.Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results.Collect medical information from patients, family members, or other medical professionals.Record patient medical histories.Advise patients and community members concerning diet, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention.Provide health and wellness advice to patients, program participants, or caregivers.Advise communities or institutions regarding health or safety issues.Monitor patients’ conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary.Monitor patient progress or responses to treatments.Make diagnoses when different illnesses occur together or in situations where the diagnosis may be obscure.Diagnose medical conditions.Immunize patients to protect them from preventable diseases.Immunize patients.Refer patient to medical specialist or other practitioner when necessary.Refer patients to other healthcare practitioners or health resources.Advise surgeon of a patient’s risk status and recommend appropriate intervention to minimize risk.Advise medical personnel regarding healthcare issues.Provide consulting services to other doctors caring for patients with special or difficult problems.Advise medical personnel regarding healthcare issues.Direct and coordinate activities of nurses, students, assistants, specialists, therapists, and other medical staff.Supervise patient care personnel.Operate on patients to remove, repair, or improve functioning of diseased or injured body parts and systems.Operate on patients to treat conditions.Plan, implement, or administer health programs in hospitals, businesses, or communities for prevention and treatment of injuries or illnesses.Design public or employee health programs.Direct healthcare delivery programs.Conduct research to develop or test medications, treatments, or procedures to prevent or control disease or injury.Conduct research to increase knowledge about medical issues.Prepare government or organizational reports on birth, death, and disease statistics, workforce evaluations, or the medical status of individuals.Prepare official health documents or records.Job Types: Full-time, PermanentWork Remotely:No
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