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Description : SPS Cigaronne LLC and Arssi Alliance LLC are an established group of companies based in Armenia that specialize in the production of vodka, soft drinks, food supplements and cigarettes.
We are currently looking to expand our sales across multiple regions and are hiring experienced sales representatives to help us in the development of market share and volume of our brands within their territory.
Key duties and responsibilities
Conduct research per category: major players, popular brands, pricingNegotiate independent retail contracts with leading importers and distributorsTrack shipments, optimize and manage product promotion and distributionProvide regular reports on progress
Skills and requirements:
At least 5 years of experience in a similar role
Extensive market knowledge of territory/country and lead players in the market (Importers / Distributors)Exceptional communication skillsStrong negotiation and sales organization skills
The procedure for selecting agents:
Initial interview via video link.Providing materials (presentation, standard selling prices) for market assessment and discussing the candidate’s visions on potential importers and sales channels, drawing up a work planConclusion of an agreement with a sales agent.
High sales commission guaranteed!
TARGET CLIENTSAnyone who have licenses or experience to import cigarettes, alcohol drinks, soft drinks,water and food supplementsRetailers
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONDescription of our cigarettes;
SPS Cigaronne introduced its modern brand of cigarettes with a unique Hollow Filter, that were made with tobacco acquired from premium plantations around the world. The manufacturing and laboratory equipment were designed by reputable international companies and customized specifically for SPS Cigaronne.
The tobacco passes through a multi-phase purification process using the world’s most innovative conditioning technologies, due to which toxic substances like chlorine, nitrogen-containing pesticides and complex molecules of heteropolar bonds are removed from the tobacco. The purification process prevents the bitter aftertaste from smoking.
Despite the innovative approach to cigarette production, the traditional taste and the aroma of the tobacco remain untouched.
The hollow filter is composed of the natural substance Perlite, which micro-filters the cigarette smoke. As a result of microfiltration, a minimum, constant amount of tar and nicotine content remains in inhaled smoke. The leading brands of SPS Cigaronne are Cigaronne cigarettes in King Size, Ultra Slims,Super Slims, Compatto, Royal Slims, Phantom format. Also we have AMG,Center brands each with King Size, Ultra Slims,Super Slims and Compatto formats and 5th Street brand with Ultra Slims,Super Slims and Compatto formats.
Description of our drinks
ARSSI ALLIANCE was founded in 2015 in Armenia with more than two decades of experience in vodka and soft drinks production.
Spring water from the Armenian Highlands known for its excellent taste was one of the key motivators for setting up our business in Yerevan. At ARSSI ALLIANCE we believe that by using cutting edge technology in combination with high quality raw materials and water from Armenia’s springs, it is possible to create a superior product.
Production of elite drinks equipped with modern machinery, provides our employees with clean and comfortable working conditions, while our organizational culture creates a positive work environment, which results in dedicated performance. Our vodkas are made in accordance with the best traditional recipes thanks to our staff of highly qualified in-house experts who undertake a wide range of tasks including developing our special formulas to designing our labels and packaging.
We import our raw materials from European countries and countries of the Customs Union. Our vodkas are made from the best kinds of alcohol of the class «Lux» obtained by the method of fermentation and repeated distillation from 100% of grain (wheat) grown in ecologically clean areas of Russia and other CIS countries.
The leading brands of ARSSI ALLIANCE are Godfather Platinum, Godfather Ultra Premium, Masterclass and H2O vodkas which are endowed with a number of significant features.
Thanks to research and development by our experts, we have developed an innovative multi-stage alcohol and water filtration system that is unique in its kind and radically differs from conventional filtering systems used in the production of vodka around the world.
Our cutting-edge filtration system completely purifies the toxic mixtures of ethyl alcohol by removing its unpleasant taste and odor containing components, and minimizes the appearance of hangover. In result, the water and alcohol ready for production don’t only taste great but are also extraordinarily super smooth.
Energy drinks are one of the relatively recent people`s discoveries, despite their invigorating, energizing and strength- giving components have been known since the ancient times. We are presenting a completely new drink with vitamins and natural ingredients that fills you with absolutely crazy energy.
Producing energy drinks under MAD MAN ENERGY BLACK brand, Armenia takes a big and ambitious step on behalf of the owner of well- known companies SPS CIGARONNE and ARSSI ALLIANCE.
FRESHO – sparkling beverage that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.
With its lush bouquet of pomegranate, lemon and herbs, FRESHO has a sweetness that is just on the right side of tart, creating a distinctly unique, fresh taste experience with every sip.
FRESHO’s secret is in its perfectly balanced recipe made with natural, mineral-rich ingredients.
It is a masterfully crafted blend of cold pressed pomegranate and lemon juices, locally grown sun-kissed fruit and pure, mountain spring water from the Armenian Plateau.
VITA DEW MEN and VITA DEW WOMEN – natural water from the high mountains of the Geghamа in Armenia with vitamins and minerals of special composition, for men and women consisting of rare herbal extracts, which give the main vitality from nature itself. Among undisputed advantages of VITA DEW MEN and VITA DEW WOMEN are the simplicity of getting individual vitamin doses and excluding of possible allergic sources inherent in traditional food.
Food supplement
Thanks to the joint efforts of experienced Armenian specialists in the food and healthcare industries, over the past year, we have developed a complex therapeutic remedy using plant-based raw materials in response to the challenges posed by Covid – 19.
ARAMAX VICTORY Antiviral is highly effective in the treatment of diseases caused by Covid- 19 and a number of other dangerous viruses, while ARAMAX VICTORY Derma helps treat numerous chronic skin diseases and inflammatory conditions.
The creation of the Antiviral and Derma remedies is a major achievement in modern science, and a turning point in the global healthcare system, aimed at improving the quality of human life and health.
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