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Position Name :
Charge Midwife
Abu Dhabi
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1.1 REPORT TO : Nursing Supervisor/ Incharge
1.2 RESPONSIBLE FOR : Nurses, Ward Attenders
1.3 LIAISES WITH : In-charge Nurse
Medical Staff
Infection Control staff
Support Services
Patients and Families
Assesses triages, monitors patients throughout labour and assists physicians with deliveries and patient care as per scope of practice. Provides antenatal, postnatal care, breastfeeding advice and support to women, their babies, their partners and families. Works within a team of professional and medical staff that includes doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers and visiting doulas. Rotates shifts to meet patient care requirements.
3.1 Assesses, plans, implements and evaluates nursing care given to patients in an effective and organized manner in Labor and Delivery unit.
3.2 Performs initial assessment and reassessment of patients in Labor and delivery
3.3 Demonstrates sound knowledge of electronic fetal monitoring using CTG and central monitoring system (ie OB TV)
3.4 Initiates Intravenous Therapy as per Doctors orders
3.5 Demonstrates skills in receiving the newborn immediately after delivery
3.6 Facilitates medical assistance and provides patient care in emergency situations.
3.7 Participates in code drills as per requirement, is a member of the code blue team and assists with code purple (Obstetric Emergencies) as required.
3.8 Acts as Team Leader in the absence of the Charge Midwife and is able to delegate tasks as per skills and scope of practice.
3.9 Monitors progress of laboring mothers, interprets fetal heart rate and notifies Physician when appropriate for progress or problems.
3.10 Assists laboring patient with breathing exercises, pain management techniques and provides pain medication as per Doctor’s orders.
3.11 Prepares birthing room for delivery using sterile technique.
3.12 Assists Physician with initiation of oxytocin inductions and monitors progress of labor accordingly
3.13 Follows IV protocols as per hospital policy/guidelines
3.14 Assists Physician with artificial rupture of membranes, performs sterile vaginal examinations or other procedures.
3.15 Performs immediate post-delivery care of mother, performs fundal massage and monitors vital signs, blood loss as needed and promotes newborn/parent bonding
3.16 Performs deliveries in the absence of the Doctor in emergency situations as per scope of practice.
3.17 Performs the Appropriateness review of medications before preparing and administering medications as required.
3.18 Assesses, examines and triages walk in patients who are directed to L&D assessment room from either outside or from OPD Doctors and coordinates appropriate care and medical intervention
3.19 Responsible for coordinating with the Obstetrician, Neonatologist / Pediatrician and other allied workers to provide comprehensive care to mother and child.
3.20 Prepares mothers for cesarean sections as well as assist doctors with the administration of medication as per scope for practice.
3.21 Actively promotes breastfeeding, skin to skin bonding after delivery
3.22 Is knowledgeable regarding Stem cell collection
3.23 Assists in receiving newborns in emergency caesarians where required in the absence of the NICU nurse.
3.24 Identifies high risk pregnancies and communicates with doctors and other medical specialists as required
3.25 Knowledge on collection of specimens, bloods for diagnostic testing and critical values
3.26 Knowledge on ordering blood products and monitoring patients when receiving blood products.
3.27 In depth knowledge of Obstetric emergencies, nursing management and care as per protocols.
3.28 Encourages participation of family member/partner in the birth to support the mother and enhances both mother/baby bonding and family relationships.
3.29 Provides appropriate health education to patients and their family.
3.30 Offers support and advice following events such as miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal abnormality and neonatal death.
3.31 Demonstrates competency in the skills needed to support the woman during childbirth.
3.32 Demonstrates in depth knowledge of monitoring a patient in all stages of labor, monitoring the condition of the fetus and knowledge of drugs and pain management.
3.33 Complies with the Disposal of Human Tissue Policy.
3.34 Encourages and respects woman’s preferences throughout labor and delivery, as per birth plan or request.
3.35 Provides safe and effective intra-partum care.
3.36 Performs nursing procedures with attention to accuracy, patient safety and comfort, including those requiring strict aseptic technique.
3.37 Competent in neonatal resuscitation and performs when needed.
3.38 Fosters and facilitates peer teaching activities in a clinical setting.
3.39 Administrative activities:
3.39.1 Demonstrates ability to perform under pressure.
3.39.2 Maintains and updates all relevant patient documentation / medical records as per hospital policy and procedure.
3.39.3 Follows the reporting mechanisms / chain of command in the nursing services department ensuring all patient care issues are accurately and promptly reported.
3.39.4 Demonstrates an economical approach to the utilization of equipment and supplies while assisting the head nurse to maintain an appropriate ward stock.
3.39.5 Participates in Quality improvement projects and KPI’s.
3.39.6 Responsible for checking crash cart as per the checklist.
3.39.7 Completes annual nursing competencies as per hospital policy and assists in assessing other staff in L&D
3.39.8 Responsible for maintaining inventory checklist of medications which include high alert medications and narcotics as per hospital policy.
3.39.9 Responsible for maintaining inventory checklist of Hazmat items through the use of Material Safety Data Sheet as per hospital policy.
3.39.10 Responsible for completing all the details in the labor and delivery register.
3.39.11 Maintains and updates all relevant patient documentation / medical records as per hospital policy and procedure.
3.39.12 Follows the reporting mechanisms / chain of command in the Nursing services department ensuring all patient care issues are accurately and promptly reported.
3.39.13 Ensures preventative and ongoing maintenance of equipment is carried out, reporting all failures or deficiencies to the appropriate department head.
3.39.14 Demonstrates strict adherence to all hospital policies and procedures.
3.39.15 Demonstrates in-depth knowledge and participates in fire safety, patient safety, infection control and the other necessary precautionary measures as per hospital policy.
3.39.16 Takes responsibility for professional clinical practice and is actively involved in updating and continuing education.
3.40 Comply with all OSH and infection control policies, standards and procedures and cooperate with hospital management to comply those requirements
3.41 Work accordance with the documented OSH procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities
3.42 Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures
3.43 Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near misses and issues and assistance with the preparation of risk assessments, incident reports
3.44 Comply with Waste management procedures and policies
3.45 Attend applicable OSH/Infection control training programs, mock drills and awareness programs
3.46 Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems
3.47 Miscellaneous activities:
3.47.1 Performs any other assigned responsibilities as identified by the Charge Midwife / Nursing Supervisor / Nursing Director.
4.1 Bachelor of Science degree in nursing or equivalent of at least 3 years’ study duration from an accredited program, plus midwifery Certificate (at least 1 year syllabus) from a recognized nursing program or Direct Entry Midwifery degree (at least 3-year curriculum).
4.2 Must have current Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate.
4.3 Must have current Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certificate.
4.4 Current license in country of origin and with HAAD license to practice in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
4.5 At least 2 years of experience as a Midwife in maternity hospital or appropriate setting is preferred.
4.6 Ability to review procedures and implement new models of service delivery to satisfy client and organizational requirements.
4.7 Demonstrated commitment to quality outcomes and ability to consult with staff regarding continuous improvement.
4.8 Excellent command of English language. Arabic language advantageous/desirable but not essential.
4.9 Possess a “can do” and flexible approach.
4.10 Ability to demonstrate highly developed communication and organizational skills at all levels.
4.11 Ability to provide compassionate care that is respectful to patients’ cultural preferences while keeping in line with regulating bodies (JCI, HAAD).
4.12 Knowledge of computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel.
4.13 Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision and in a team within a complex clinical setting.
4.14 Demonstrates knowledge and practice of confidentiality policy.
4.15 Ability to demonstrate self-directed thinking, continued proficiency and initiative in problem solving when providing patient care in the clinical setting.
Primary Location: Abu Dhabi
Work Locations: Abu Dhabi Food Lands Building Abu Dhabi
Job: Medical
Organization: NMC Royal Hospital KLF
Job Posting: Dec 22, 2021, 5:15:52 AM
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