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Job Details:
Position Name :
Operations Coordinator
Job ID :
Description : Outline Role: In the allocation of selected, office-based duties, the Operations Coordinator will work within the International Division, ViaMedica International Healthcare. Reporting directly to the International Operations Director (Intl Ops Dir) in the day to day coordination of all operational tasks across the divisional spectrum. Providing operational support to ensure effective service delivery and contribute towards the efficient running of the business interests of ViaMedica. Whilst the Intl Ops Dir will ensure the effective coordination & operational support of service delivery, The Ops Coord will oversee all aspects of general administrative & logistical support across all operational projects.
General Duties: Involve close liaison across all ViaMedica Divisional areas, accountable and
reporting to the Intl Ops Dir.
General Duties will include, but are not limited to:
Professional representation on behalf of ViaMedica with all parties including positive, ‘front of house’ liaison. Ensuring positive interaction with client representatives, contractors and all associated agencies.Develop and maintain operational planning and support structures surrounding staff rotations and associated travel requirements.Act as the dedicated Point of Contact (POC) for all security clearance processing, contingency planning and monitoring throughout the lifetime of each project.Work closely with the financial department to ensure close coordination of payment processing to ensure effective management of all deployed personnel.
Key Roles & Responsibilities: To represent ViaMedica in a professional manner with all
Description Performance Indicator
1.0 Ensure continued growth & commercial success by Regular communication and engaging proactively with the client base. Identifying documented interaction with the client opportunities for improvement and additional ViaMedica representatives. growth.
1.1 Maintain a market leading approach by collating and reporting useful market intelligence and potential competitor activity.
1.2 Maintain a close working relationship with the client, Demonstrate a knowledge of all clients Incl detailed knowledge of client locations and contact details.
2.0 Assist in the development and maintenance of Effective service delivery for all Operational Planning and the day on day serviceability of operational services.
2.1 Ensure the professional delivery of medical services Maintain accurate records of all within the terms of the contract. services delivered.
3.0 Maintain accurate detail on any pertinent threat Ensure staff updates are accurate within the operational theatre and disseminate to all staff. and regularly maintained.
4.0 Maintain and disseminate accurate and Effective oversight of, and timely security assessments contractual obligations met by ViaMedica.
4.1 Work closely with Account Management & Updated client status list is Support Dept; during new client ‘kick off’ & maintain available at all times. an up to date database.
General Performance
5.0 Positive team player working alongside ViaMedica Effective teamwork with a clear colleagues. distribution of responsibilities allowing duties to be carried out in an efficient, professional and harmonious manner.
5.1 Maintain consistent and professional attendance, Professional appearance.
Punctuality, personal appearance and adherence to Punctual & personal appearance. relevant Health & Safety procedures relating to ViaMedica owned equipment & resources.
5.2 Exercise control over any communication or No breaches or inappropriate sensitive material relating to ViaMedica business communication of confidential interests.
Application Criteria
Qualification & General Requirements
Suitable qualification with proven office management capabilities & experience.Fluent English speakingContactable 24/7 with the ability to function under extended hours where required.Function in a pressured environment and meet project deadlines.IT literate & database proficiency.Strong administrative & organisational abilities.
In project management & office-based operational service support – minimum 3 years previous experience.
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