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Job Details:
Position Name :
Radiology Specialist
Job ID :
Description : Position at Kanad Hospital
Kanad Hospital (formerly known as Oasis Hospital) was established in 1960 by Doctors Pat and Mariam Kennedy at ‎the request of HH Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan. The Kennedys were physicians from the United States whose primary ‎goal was to honor God by providing loving healthcare to those in this region. Ever since our launch, Kanad has been ‎known for its excellent obstetric and pediatric care, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the premier ‎healthcare providers for women and children in the Middle East. We are honored to be the birthplace of many of ‎the leaders of our great nation including HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. ‎
Kanad Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital that strives to diligently follow the teachings of Jesus in the way that we ‎care for women, children, and their families. We have the privilege of being the first hospital established in the Abu ‎Dhabi Emirate and the first private hospital in the Emirate to attain JCI accreditation. Additionally, we are the first ‎hospital in the world to obtain JCI Clinical Care Program Certifications for our treatment program for Respiratory ‎Distress Syndrome in newborns and for our Natural Birth after Cesarean Section program for mothers.‎
Hope: Healthy communities transformed by the love of the God.‎
Purpose: To honor God by providing exceptional whole person healthcare to the community with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
Radiology Specialist Clinical responsibilities
Makes and interprets diagnostic images.
Reviews requests for x-ray, nuclear radiology, ultrasound, and other diagnostic imaging procedures, and determines applicability of requested procedures.
Interview patients as necessary, and records supplementary data.
Instructs radiologic personnel in desired techniques, positions, and projections.
Interprets images and confers with medical and dental officers regarding diagnoses of cases.
Prepares comprehensive interpretive reports of findings.
Performs special procedures.
Recommends and performs special imaging procedures, including, ultrasound, with limitations of available resources and expertise.
Determines need for referral of cases that are not within local capability.
Performs and interprets procedures, and prepares comprehensive interpretive report of findings.
Manages radiological services.
Formulates plans and procedures for radiological services. Coordinates radiological services with other medical activities. Determines capability of available resources, and advises regarding future needs.
Assures adequate quality control of images.
Establishes and enforces standards for protection of patients and personnel.
Schedules examinations and assigns radiologic personnel. Advises on kind and quantity of radiological supplies and equipment.
Participates in the delivery of graduate medical education in radiology. Serves as consultant in radiology.
Work Schedule:
Weekly 48 hours as contracted.
To participate in a clinical schedule that embraces extended hours actual start/finish times to be worked in accordance with the published roster.
Clinical/Technical Competencies:
The Radiology Specialist will be required to complete the SAT program as well as attend any computer sessions and/or training courses as appropriate for services within Oasis Hospital.
Develop and maintain high standards of competency in skills, knowledge, acquired attitudes and behavior and shall work within current legislative and employers’ frameworks.
Actively engage in learning in a constant process of development through the integration of Continuing Professional Development in your day to day practice. CME is a requirement for Renewal of DOH License
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