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Job Details:
Company name : The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School
Position Name :
Reception Teacher (Two positions)
Elstree WD6
Job ID :
Description : THE PREP
This is an exciting time in the history of Haberdashers, The health and wellbeing of our community is of the
with a new strategic plan committed to exceptional utmost importance to us and we offer superb pastoral care
education, closer collaboration with Haberdashers’ Girls’ for pupils and hold regular seminars and sessions for staff
School and the development of our Elstree campus over to support wellbeing.
the next decade. Joining us at this point of your career We have a strong commitment to providing high
offers an outstanding opportunity to have an impact on the quality training and development for all staff, and we are
future of this great school. exceptionally proud of welcoming new entrants to the
We offer a warm and nurturing environment, balancing profession, supported by a highly regarded Newly Qualified
the best of our history with ambitious aims for the future. Teacher Programme, which includes regular seminars
Each school year brings new challenges and opportunities, and a dedicated mentor.
but our goals of academic excellence, pastoral care and We look forward to receiving and reading your application
strong community always remain. with great interest.
Our pupils are stretched and challenged by inspirational
teaching in truly world-class facilities and we take great
pride in ensuring our staff and students are given all the
resources needed to strive for success and fulfilment.
Teachers at Habs have a shared passion for educating
the brightest minds both inside and beyond the classroom.
We offer a plethora of character-building co-curricular
options and staff are encouraged to be involved in the Gus Lock MA (Oxon)
many wonderful trips, expeditions, fixtures, concerts Headmaster
and plays.
| 2
We are Habs, a strong, happy and supportive community,
committed to the pursuit of excellence in education.
We trace our roots back to the 17th century. We give talented
and ambitious young people the opportunities they need to
succeed in life.
Our academic performance speaks for itself, but we
know that great exam results are just the beginning.
A Habs education prepares young people for fulfilment in
a world that demands flexibility, creativity, resilience and
critical thought. Habs Girls and Boys step into that world with
confidence, ready to shape the future and open to a lifetime of
new experiences.
Our horizons are wide. We are a diverse community and we I feel incredibly lucky and
nurture a global perspective and a deep sense of responsibility privileged to have been able
for the world in which our pupils will lead and succeed. Our to explore all the amazing
broad curriculum and co-curricular provision prepares pupils opportunities that Habs Boys
for success wherever their passion may take them. offered me. Being a Habs
We work together, offering the best of single-sex education in pupil is special in itself.
a co-educational environment. Habs will always be the best
place to learn and the best place to teach and work. When you Year 12 Pupil
join the Habs family, you will be part of our community long
after your school days are over.
| 3
We fully recognise and value the huge part that all of We are also passionate about the benefits of sustained
our staff play in inspiring our pupils to become confident, training and development for all, so you will have
self-motivated young adults, who are fully prepared for the opportunities to learn new things and really grow in
challenges of the future. your role.
Not only do we fully support our pupils to become the best Plus, if you’re a teacher, you’ll also be given that
they can be, but we extend this to all staff, too’ all-important freedom to innovate within your subject
Whichever position you’re applying for we will provide you area and enjoy opportunities to teach in other schools.
with everything you need to enjoy your time at Habs to the If you join our professional support staff, depending on your
full; whether that’s improving your wellbeing by using our role, you may have the opportunity to meet with school
state-of-the-art sports centre, meeting new people via staff leaders, shape the organisation, work towards the schools’
socials, joining Habs staff sports teams or simply enjoying strategic vision.
a delicious free lunch each day, there’s something for
We are incredibly proud of the diversity of our pupils and want
to ensure that our workforce is similarly representative,
so that our pupils can be inspired by a full variety of voices
and perspectives.
So, we’re taking steps to further improve our commitment to
diversity and inclusion by:
Prefacing formal in-person interviews for online interviewing at
the initial stages of selection, so that we can widen our pool of
applicants and see more candidates than ever before.
Investing in a leading teacher training programme to enable us
to nurture talent more effectively.
But this is just the start of the journey and we are continually
looking at how we work to improve the process.
| 4
Visit www.habsboys.org.uk to read more about the school
View of Academic Hub from the Quad Artists Impression of Pre-Prep
Artists Impression of Pre-Prep Drama Studio
At Habs, we are constantly looking for opportunities to
reach new heights in providing for our pupils’ changing
needs. The school is committed to providing an
outstanding education.
We also launched an exciting 10-year strategy together
with Habs Girls, our sibling school. This is available to
read here: Who We Are and What We Stand For
We are currently constructing a state-of-the-art
academic hub in the Senior School. It will offer
innovative accommodation for English, Maths, Modern
Rain Garden Languages, Economics and Theology and Philosophy,
as well as a sensational new Drama Studio.
The next exciting phase of development on campus
is bringing our Pre-Prep School, which is currently
We provide the best so that our pupils based in St Albans, to the Elstree site, maintaining its
and staff are inspired to be the best. separate private space. A bespoke state-of-the-art,
State-of-the-art surroundings nurture their eco-friendly Pre-Prep building is being constructed
interests and excite new ones, continuing and will be completed in 2022. The plans seek to respect and respond to the environment and have been
and creating afresh the Habs traditions of developed from the concept of ‘learn, nurture, grow’.
achievement and innovation.
Our plans do not stop here. The evolution of Habs
Gus Lock, Headmaster is a continuing journey to excellence.
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The Prep and Pre-Prep School aims to empower young people
to flourish and have a positive impact on the world.
We consider this to be anchored in the following values:
Ambition: we set our aims high in terms of what we want to
achieve as individuals and as a community, in and out of the
Curiosity: a joy for learning, an enquiring mind, underpinned
by sharp skills in analysis, problem solving, creativity and
Courage: readiness to embrace opportunity and challenge,
step out of our comfort zones, resilience, independence, and
belief in the power of effort.
Community: compassion, social responsibility, global
citizenship, dedication to supporting each other’s flourishing.
The members of the schools’ teaching staff are united by
a caring approach, passion for their subject areas and the
aspiration to be reflective practitioners. In-service training is
strongly encouraged and teachers attend courses, conferences pupils. The Prep building houses twelve classes of up to
and workshops regularly. They are creative, collaborative and twenty pupils each. It also has a hall, a science laboratory, a DT
use ICT in their planning, teaching and learning. The pupils are workshop, an Art Room, a Library and a Computing suite. The
bright, articulate, achieve highly in and out of school and they are school is immersed in a forest setting, and enjoys use of two
very well mannered. They have a great sense of humour and are outdoor classrooms. Boys in the Prep and Pre-Prep School also
extremely rewarding to teach. Public speaking is a strength as have access to the Senior School’s facilities, such as the Medburn
is music and the school regularly holds concerts at the Barbican Centre, a state of the art sports centre. Every pupil in the Prep and
and the Albert Hall. The School has regular links with Habs Girls’ Pre-Prep School is provided with an iPad.
Junior School and we aim to increase these further.
Facilities Curriculum
The Pre-Prep School is currently located in Bricket Wood, The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is
six miles away from the main site in Elstree. A new Pre-Prep enriched by additional materials, resources and the individual
department is currently being built on the main campus and teacher’s personal knowledge and interests. It is also
we expect the Pre-Prep to relocate in full to the main campus enhanced further with languages, linguistics, oracy, theology
during the academic year 2022/23. The new building will be and philosophy, art and design and a first-rate Forest School
located opposite the current Prep School building. It is eco- programme. The pupils in Years 3 receive individualised music
friendly, respectful of its historical and environmental context tuition. In Years 3 and 4, teaching is largely classroom-based
and is going to provide pupils with an exciting space where with additional specialists who teach Music and Games. All
to learn and play. It is extremely bright, airy and it will house subjects in Year 5 and 6 are taught by subject specialists.
six classrooms of up to twenty pupils, from Reception to Year
2, have its own hall and a play area reserved for Reception
| 7
Deliver and keep records of the teaching of all classes, as
allocated by the Prep Leadership Team, considering;
o The ambition we have for our pupils and their own
o The promotion of intellectual curiosity and courage as
our pupils learn.
o Ambitious and stimulating application of schemes of
work and relevant syllabuses.
o The inclusion of all pupils, regardless of age, ability, or
individual needs.
o The range of cultural representation within teaching sets
and the wider community.
o Any health and safety considerations relevant to the
teaching environment.
o Policies of the department or departments.
Set and mark challenging and ambitious work, as appropriate
for the pupils and subjects taught, in line with the School and
Prep and Pre-prep School assessment policies.
Monitor and assess the progress of pupils, recording marks
and writing reports as required.
• Work collaboratively as part of the Prep and Pre-prep team, • Take particular pastoral responsibility for those pupils in tutor
including: or teaching groups.
o keeping up to date with syllabus requirements. • Liaise with pastoral staff as necessary.
o keeping abreast of new developments in education.
o monitoring progress through schemes of work. • Maintain high standards of behaviour with tutor and teaching
groups, and support the upkeep of whole-school standards
o updating schemes of work as appropriate. of behaviour.
o share in the assessment of pupils’ progress.
Carry out supervisory duties as required, upholding
standards of conduct and appearance at all times.
Play an active part in the wider aspects of school life,
including meaningful co-curricular activities.
Remain always vigilant with regard to health and safety
matters in order to protect all members of the community.
Attend staff and department meetings and participate in
working groups as required.
Attend assemblies and, as reasonably required, other
School functions.
• Take active part in professional development and complete • Report fully on the progress of pupils when required,
appropriate training courses as required, maintaining including at parents’ evenings.
professional curiosity and ambition.
Take active part in the Performance Management process.Keep abreast of all safeguarding responsibilities and actively
protect the welfare of pupils. • Maintain a full understanding of all relevant policies.
Share in pastoral responsibility for all pupils in the school, In addition to the above, the postholder will carry out any other
supporting the whole community in being the best possible professional duties as reasonably required by the Headmaster.
version of itself.
| 8
Essential Desirable
• Strong, degree level qualification directly relating to the main • Experience as an excellent
Qualifications subject(s) to be taught. classroom teacher.
and • 3 A-Levels at grades C and above (or equivalent) Successful • Postgraduate professional
Experience candidates generally exceed this requirement. qualification e.g. PGCE.
• Strong sense of scholarship in all taught subjects • UK QTS.
Strong passion for the subject and its energetic and
accessible delivery in the classroom.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Ability to deliver engaging and inclusive lessons that • Recent evidence of personal
support, stretch and challenge pupils of all backgrounds, development in main subjects.
abilities, needs and dispositions.
• An ability to present information clearly, adapting style to • An ability to innovate and create
suit individual situation and needs. new approaches to teaching
and learning.
An ability to inspire confidence in the pupils so that they
may ask questions and articulate their own understanding.
Skills and • Specific training/qualifications • Excellent numeracy and literacy skills.
Knowledge relating to diversity and
An ability to analyse data and to report on the outcomes inclusion.
• Able to contribute significantly to the wider life. • Willingness to take on new
qualifications in activities
The ability to prioritise effectively. supporting the co-curricular life
of the school.
Competence in the use of ICT to support teaching and
learning and as a data tool.
Excellent time management and organisational skills with
a high level of efficiency, planning and foresight.
The capacity to work accurately under pressure with
attention to detail and adapt to unfamiliar situations.
A strong role model for pupils.
Ambition: high professional standards and expectations of
pupils and yourself; comfortable working at a fast pace with
intelligent and articulate young people.
Curiosity: a personal love of learning; an ability to think
creatively and demonstrate initiative; a willingness to
learn new approaches to teaching, pastoral care and co-
Personal curricular delivery.
Qualities • Courage: a willingness to take risks and model intellectual
courage; strong personal principles and the capacity to
handle complex situations with calm and care as they arise.
Community: a willingness and ability to establish positive
relationships with teaching and non-teaching staff, pupils
and parents, demonstrating high levels of cultural humility.
Able to establish a safe environment for pupils, rooted in
mutual respect.
| 9
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With a substantial budget for whole
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Membership of the for each eligible child at the
schoocol turrasineisn.g S aunpdp oinrtd iisv idguivaeln courses.
Teachers’ Pension
for Boys’ and Girls’ Schools who
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relevant qualifications.
Free coach travel use of the state-of-the-art Reimbursement
on the service provided by the Medburn Centre including of relocation expenses
school (subject to availability). fitness suite, swimming pool, (role dependent).
climbing wall and squash courts.
Free cooked lunches, Eye Care Scheme discount
other meals, and access to Employee
refreshments and hot Assistance Scheme, Group Life Assurance
drinks from our including counselling 4 x annual salary.
in-campus cafe. support and legal, financial
and medical information.
| 10
APPLICATION We aim to respond to all applications within
PROCESS 48 hours of the closing date.
Candidates should submit a Teaching
Application Form which includes In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, all applications are ‘blind’ reviewed by a longlisting
comprehensive details of key panel, with personal information removed.
Interviews are then held in two stages, with the first
achievements and responsibilities. stage providing an opportunity for us to invite a
broader selection of candidates. This stage is usually
held online with members of the Senior Leadership
Team. It is informal and provides a chance for a
general review of your application and for you to ask
any questions.
Complete applications
3 should be sent to:
Those selected for the next stage will be invited to
attend for an in-person interview. When choosing by the closing date detailed on
your next role it is important for the process to the advert for the role you are
be two-way. In order to provide you with a feel
for the school, we aim to provide you with a tour, applying for.
an opportunity to meet your potential colleagues
and time with a pupil panel. The interview day will
also include and observed lesson, an academic
interview and a general interview. www.habsboys.org.uk
Following your interview, we aim to provide
feedback as quickly as possible, usually within
24 hours; the feedback will be provided by a
Senior Member of the interview panel.
Haberdashers’Boys’School is committed to safeguarding
and promoting the welfare of children and young people.
The successful candidate will be subject to a Disclosure and
Barring Service enhanced check. The post is exempt from
the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the School
is therefore permitted to ask job applicants to declare all
convictions and cautions (including those which are “spent”
unless they are “protected” under the DBS filtering rules)
in order to assess their suitability to work with children.
| 11
Haberdashers’ Boys’ School is based on a rural, 100-acre site
in leafy Elstree, Hertfordshire, whilst being within easy reach of
London and near junctions on the M1 and M25, as well as
the A1. We believe we have the largest coach network of any
school in the UK, allowing pupils and staff from far and wide to
access the campus easily.
We share our campus with our sibling school, Habs Girls.
This allows us to offer the best of a single-sex education
in a co-educational environment.
St Albans
Welham Green We are looking for a simple map that shows :
M1 Newgate Street
Kings Langley Park
M25 Main road routs –M25, M1,A1 as a proximity to
Potters Bar
Radlett Shenley M25 our location.
Boys’ School
Haberdashers’ A1
Barnet Ideally needs to show we are ‘close’London, and WATFORD Girls’ School
Elstree &
Borehamwood New Barnet
Croxley Green BUSHEY Station Elstree & Borehamwood Station
East Barnet
ADDRESS: Stanmore EdgwareNorthwood M1 A406
Haberdashers’ Boys’ School
Pinner Wood Green
Butterfly Lane, Elstree,
Hertfordshire WD6 3AF Ruislip Brent Cross
EMAIL: Wembley Park Holloway
Wembley Brent Park
office@habsboys.org.uk Uxbridge Northolt
020 8266 1700 Hayes Southall
West Drayton Kensington
Airport Brentford
| 12
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