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Teacher of Music
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Description : Job DescriptionTeacher of MusicGeorge Watson’s College wishes to appoint a teacher of Music on a permanent basis. The role wouldsuit an experienced or a newly qualified teacher. The vacancy represents an opportunity for anoutstanding practitioner to make a high profile contribution to the success of one of Scotland’s leadingschools. The post would be suitable for a probationary teacher.THE SCHOOLGeorge Watson’s College is one of the country’s best co-educational independent day schools. Foundedin 1741 by a local merchant concerned for the education of young minds, it fulfils to this day the roleintended by its founder. Despite its size, everyone remarks that it has a small-school ‘feel’: the close-knit and friendly relationships amongst all its constituents are a hallmark of the School. Its motto – excorde caritas (Love from the Heart) – is central to its values as it seeks to sustain what is described as‘The Watson’s Family’.This tangible sense of togetherness is significantly enhanced by everyone being on one purpose-builtsite, which is located in the attractive residential district of Morningside, to the South West of the centreof Edinburgh. Edinburgh itself is the second strongest city economy in the UK, outside of London, withthe highest percentage of graduates and professionally qualified adults in the UK and over 25% ofschool age children attending fee-paying schools. Watson’s is proud of its independent status and,whilst remaining true to its Scottish roots, seeks to sustain and develop an international perspective.The curriculum is adapting to the innovations inherent in Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence and thenew Scottish National Qualifications.The School welcomes a wide range of academic ability, and has very high academic standards, with90% of pupils going on to Higher Education and a large proportion of pupils achieving outstandingsuccess. Watson’s also has excellent facilities, and offers a huge range of courses as well as extra-curricular activities. In addition, it has particular strengths in Sport, Music, Drama, Outdoor Education,Technology and in Support for Learning. The School is very well resourced with a campus-wide ITnetwork.The Principal, Melvyn Roffe, took up his post in 2014. Leadership of the Senior School is delegated toGordon Boyd, Head of the Senior School, and the Senior School Leadership Team, including threeDeputy Headteachers. A parallel structure exists in the Junior School.The Senior SchoolThe Senior School is led by the Head of Senior School who works with a team of three deputyheadteachers. The leadership model enables Principal Teachers to shape the character of theirdepartment within an overall ambition for the Senior School and the College as a whole. PrincipalTeachers are encouraged to play a role in the development and implementation of practice in allaspects of the School, especially in curriculum design and in improving learning and teaching. TheDirector of Music plays an essential role as a Senior School leader but also works with Junior Schoolcolleagues and with those who lead the College’s externally facing and community work.Approximately two-thirds of pupils in the Senior School have progressed there from the Junior School.On arrival, they have a carefully worked out induction programme which includes a residentialexperience together in the first term.In First and Second Year, a diverse and stimulating timetable balances challenging academicprogression with a variety of learning experiences, including in two foreign languages. Pupils studymany of their subjects in their form classes but are set in English and Mathematics. This enables themto progress at a pace that provides the appropriate level of challenge and provides them with anopportunity to mix with the rest of their year group.From Second Year, pupils discuss their personal targets and study options with teachers, through totheir key certificate examinations, and we ensure that they choose subjects and levels that match theirabilities and aspirations.At Watson’s we are proud of the exceptionally broad range of certificate courses we offer. Available atvarious levels of certification within the national qualifications framework, our extensive provisionincludes subjects across the spectrum of arts, sciences and social sciences, with a notably wideselection of languages, including Mandarin Chinese.It is important that we prepare pupils for the increased independence they will require after school. Aprogramme of study skills encourages independent thought and enquiry. Throughout their time atWatson’s, pupils make confident use of our outstanding IT facilities and our Library.The Music DepartmentMusic plays a central role in the life of George Watson’s College. Many pupils are attracted to the schoolbecause of the considerable opportunities that exist in Music and the other arts, both in the curriculumand in a vast array of “extra-curricular” activities. Central to the work of everyone in the Music Schoolis a desire to encourage pupils to give of their very best at whatever level they can achieve. The resultis an enormous number of pupils involved in musical activity of one kind or another, and the very highquality in all of that activity, culminating in the almost professional standards of many of our most ablepupils.The Music Department has 15 full-time staff. In addition there are almost 50 visiting teachers teachingthe full range of orchestral instruments, piano, organ, voice, recorder, clarsach, bagpipes, guitar anddrums. More than 1100 individual instrumental lessons are given each week to pupils from Primary 1 toSenior 6.The Music School contains four class music teaching rooms, 22 practice rooms used for individuallessons and private practice, and a 215-seat Auditorium. There is a music staff room, and offices for theDirector of Music, other full-time staff, and the Music School PA. There are also two class music teachingrooms for primary school music lessons and six practice rooms in the John Martin Building. In additionthere are rooms in New Myreside House which are primarily used as the offices and teaching rooms ofthe Head of Pipe Band, the Pipe Major and their Assistants as well as an ensemble room.There is a very full timetable of individual instrumental lessons every day. Pupils as young as Primary1 can begin learning a stringed instrument on the Suzuki method and other instruments are offered aschildren move through the school. As a centre for ABRSM and Trinity, exams are held in the Music Schoolthree times a year.The school owns a large stock of orchestral and other instruments which are available for pupils to hire.There are also a number of pianos, guitars, keyboards, percussion and other instruments which are usedfor class lessons. There is a Model C Steinway grand piano and a two-manual Wyvern practice organ inthe Music School, and a Kawai grand piano and new three-manual Allen digital organ in the AssemblyHall. Three of the classrooms are equipped with class sets of acoustic guitars, some electric and bassguitars and drum kits. Two of the teaching rooms in the Music School are each equipped with 20 iMaccomputers, all connected to midi keyboards, and all four teaching rooms have large screens to displaythe teacher computer screen. All computers run Garageband, and Sibelius software.Music is taught to all nursery and primary school classes by a music specialist, and this continues intothe Senior School where all pupils study Music in S1 and S2. There are usually two sets of pupils studyingSQA National 5 Music in S3 and S4 with approximately 30-40 pupils taking that exam every year. In S5and S6 pupils have the choice between SQA Higher and Advanced Higher Music and the A level exam ofOCR board. Results in Music in recent years have been very pleasing. In 2019 30 pupils took National 5Music, 28 gaining Grade A and 2 grade B. In Higher Music, apart from two grade Bs, the other 25candidates were all awarded a grade A. 6 pupils took Advanced Higher Music, 5 receiving a grade A andone a grade B.The extra-curricular life of the music department is very rich, providing ma
ny valuable opportunitiesfor those studying music at all levels to experience the excitement of live performance. The aim of thedepartment is to provide an opportunity for as many pupils as possible to perform in an ensemble ofsome kind appropriate to their ability and ability. Auditions for some of the groups are held at the startof each session, but there are many other groups which are open to all without selection. There is aweekly rehearsal programme before and after school and during the lunchtimes each day, and a hugenumber of pupils are involved in musical activities of one kind or another through this programme. Allmembers of the Music staff, and some of the visiting instrumental teachers, contribute to the extra-curricular life of the school. There are numerous concerts at school throughout the year as well asoccasional performances in Edinburgh (more than 500 pupils took part in our concert at The Usher Hallin March 2017) and further afield (a group of 45 singers and string players visited The Czech Republic in2019 giving four concerts there). Further details of these various groups, a concert calendar and somerecordings of concert performances can be found on the school’s website www.gwc.org.ukPERSON SPECIFICATIONThe person appointed will:be a trained and qualified graduate teacher of Music, registered or eligible for registration withthe General Teaching Council of Scotland;be an academically rigorous, dynamic creative and flexible teacher in developing new ideas andresources, as well as adapting to curriculum changes;be skilled on classroom instruments such as piano/keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, drumkit and tuned percussionbe determined to contribute to the department’s extra-curricular activitieshave excellent IT skills including ability to use Sibeliusbe a team player with a drive for learning and teaching, who is keen to explore innovative andstimulating ways to use their passion and expertise to positively encourage the next generation;contribute to and strengthen the existing strong team ethos in the department.JOB SPECIFICATIONLine ManagementA Teacher of Music is accountable directly to the Director of Music.General ResponsibilitiesA full time Teacher of Music is currently expected to teach up to 45 out of 60 periods of teaching, over aten day timetable cycle, in classes ranging from Primary 4 to Senior 6.The person appointed will be responsible for teaching classes in the School using their skill, experienceand best endeavours.All members of the Senior School staff contribute to the health and well-being of our pupils. Under thedirection of a Year Head, most teachers undertake the first level guidance role of Form Tutor for a mixedForm class of around 20 pupils. Music teachers do not usually serve as Form Tutors to enable them touse morning registration time (8.40 to 8.50) as part of pre-school rehearsal time.Departmental meeting and development meetings take place each fortnight.A contribution to the wider life of the School – known as enrichment – is an expectation of all staff.They will abide by the Code of Conduct for Staff at George Watson’s College.Specific ResponsibilitiesThe person appointed will:maintain the Standard for Full GTCS registration. They will be required to undertake relevantCPD, be observed and write up all activities in the GTCS Profilework effectively as a member of the department to facilitate outstanding teaching and learningand ensure pupils are properly prepared for examinationsset high expectations for all pupils, to deepen their knowledge and understanding to maximizeachievementprepare and provide activities that are appropriate to each year group and suitable for learners’needsbe confident of their ability to work and respond to the needs of pupils and inspire the nextgeneration of adultsdevelop new resources and course materials, as directed by and/or in collaboration with theother staff in the departmentassess, record and report on work of pupils as required by the School, ensuring thatassessments are punctual, meaningful and informativeas a member of the Music Department, a full time teacher of Music would be expected to makea significant contribution to the extra-curricular life of the Department by leading at least twogroups, which might be vocal and/or instrumental, and by supporting colleagues with theiractivities e.g. by playing in an ensemble, helping with a sectional rehearsal.attend parent evenings and communicate with parents whenever necessary and contributeeffectively and positively to the corporate life and welfare of the SchoolAdditional ResponsibilitiesThe Teacher of Music should also be willing to undertake such other responsibilities as the Head ofSenior School and Director of Music may from time to time reasonably require.REMUNERATIONTeaching staff at George Watson’s College are paid at a level which is currently 8% higher than theScottish Teachers’ Pay Scales. The salary is pensionable under the Scottish Teachers’ SuperannuationScheme.**DISCLOSURE SCOTLAND – PROTECTION OF VULNERABLE GROUPS SCHEMEAll staff must be prepared to undergo screening to confirm their suitability to work with children andyoung people.CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT / PROFESSIONAL REVIEWAll staff are required to participate in appropriate programmes of continuing professional developmentand undergo professional review as set out in the School’s policy.APPLICATION PROCESSTo apply, please send a letter of application of not more than 800 words giving us more informationabout you and why you would like the role, addressed to Mr Gordon Boyd, Head of Senior School. Theletter, completed application form and diversity monitoring form must reach Jane Robinson, Head ofHuman Resources by email (vacancies@gwc.org.uk) no later than noon on Friday 18 February 2022.Any specific questions relating to the advertised post can be put directly to Steven Griffin, AssistantDirector of Music by emailing s.griffin@gwc.org.ukCandidates called for interview will be asked to teach a lesson as part of the selection process.If you require more information about the School, please visit our school website.Closing date: Noon on Friday 18 February 2022Interview date: Wednesday 9 March 2022Job Type: Full-time
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