[New Job Opening] CTO job Vacancy in India

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Job Details:
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Description :
Business description:
We are new business development company.
Development of a matching service with over 1.6 million members!
Operation of a matching application
Live streaming app operator
Operation of a restaurant business
Operation of the “Entrepreneurship Project” program training business
Planning and sales of the men’s cosmetics business “EVEREST
Management guidance business for group companies and affiliated companies
Management consulting business
Company Features
Fast-growing company with plans to release matching services using self-developed apps, beauty business, and new companies one after another.The company’s vision is to “give everyone an equal chance to play an active role in society”, and they are developing businesses such as business matching service management and diet SNS management using their self-developed app. It is a hot startup that has been expanding its sales at almost double the pace in the past few years.
Focusing on the development and operation of its own apps, the company is also involved in the planning and sales of men’s cosmetics, program training, and other businesses.
While developing its own apps, moments is the most notable app that is growing in sales. It is a 1 : 1 live-streaming application, and it has become a groundbreaking application that allows users to make 1:1 calls and communicate with each other through live-streaming.
This supports communication between men and women in the current Corona environment and has become a popular app, especially among men and women in their 20s.
In addition, in the men’s cosmetics business, we have developed our own scalp care shampoo “EVEREST,” which regulates the scalp environment essential for hair elasticity, body, and volume. We hope to expand sales of this original brand in the future.
In April 2022, we will open a restaurant in the restaurant business.
With our unique branding, we will develop an overwhelmingly popular restaurant.
We will create products that will become the norm in 5 to 10 years. That is the appeal of our company.
We are the leading matching service in the industry…
Our matching service has over 1.5 million users.
This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing and dynamic company.
This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing company that is looking to expand.
As CTO, you will participate in the business planning and new business development stages together with the board members.
Job Description

We currently have about 10 engineers, including full-time employees and outsourced workers, and the average age is in the late 20s.
The average age is in the late 20’s. We are considering organizing the company by business in the future, and the person hired this time will be in charge of the entire organization.
Required technology stack

Technical Requirements: iOS/Android: React Native (React Native CLI)
Languages: TypeScript, Ruby
+ TypeScript, Ruby
+ CI/CD: CircleCI (If it’s UI only, use code push)
Testing: Unit testing, visual regression testing, E2E testing
UI component design: Atomic Design
State management design: Redux
Asynchronous processing: Redux-Saga
Development method: Scrum development
PRJ management tool: ZenHub

Development language: Ruby 2.2.3, JS
Framework: Ruby on Rails
Database: MySQL 5.7.17
Source code management: Git, GitHub
Issue management: GitHub, ZenHub
Cloud: AWS
CI: wercker
Web server: Nginx
Required Experience
Business English
At least 3 years of development experience in one of the languages/frameworks listed in the required technology stack.
You must agree with our mission and be able to develop products for the sake of users, not for the purpose of developing products.
Those who can work with sincerity and humility.
Experience in managing more than 5 engineers
Experience working in a venture company
Experience working for a start-up company
SALARY: 6,000 USD ~ 13,000USD/month
Working hour: 10:00 – 19:00
Rest time: 60 mins
Overtime Average of 5 hours per month
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