Student Assistant Simulated Participant Job in Anchorage 2023

Student Assistant Simulated Participant Job in Anchorage 2023

CLASSIFICATION: Student Assistant 2 – Work Study

GRADE: Student Assistant 2

WORK TYPE: Hybrid, On Campus

ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT: University of Alaska Anchorage


LOCATION: Anchorage

CATEGORIES: Health Profession

Position Summary:

Simulated Participants work with College of Health students as they learn and develop examination, interviewing, and therapeutic skills in simulated clinical encounters. Simulated Participants should have a commitment to the education of healthcare professionals and lack bias towards the healthcare system. Hired persons must sign a Consent and Non-Disclosure Agreement. This position is temporary; work is assigned as needed; and may include telework. Simulated Participants work with students located at various sites across Alaska. Positions are available at the following campus sites: Anchorage, Bethel, Dillingham, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau, Kenai, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Kotzebue, Mat-Su, Nome, Petersburg, Sitka, and Valdez.


A Simulated Participant (SP) may portray a variety of roles, though more commonly as a patient for the clinical education and training of healthcare professionals. There are varied SP positions: 1: Patient Model (SP level 1): participates in workshops where students practice routine physical assessments, positioning, and or use of medical equipment. 2: Simulated Participant Performer (SP level 2): is an actor who accurately and consistently recreates the history, personality, physical findings, emotional structure and response pattern of an actual patient, family member, or other roles as designed.

Duties may include: staging and breaking down the training locations; helping facilitate online telehealth activities. 3: Medical Model (SP level 4): participates in genitourinary examination training workshops which includes the breast, pelvic, genital and rectal areas. The encounters may be recorded for student analysis and reflection. Some roles call for SPs to wear hospital attire and or make-up called medical moulage. Invasive procedures such as obtaining blood specimens and X-rays are NOT performed.


Excellent interpersonal communication skills; Basic computer skills, including use of web-conferencing applications; Ability to follow direction of Faculty and SP Educators to consistently portray a case scenario in a standardized, accurate, and reliable manner; Ability to work in a professional manner when interacting with students, faculty, supervisors and peers; Ability to accurately and consistently complete checklists; Ability to monitor other standardized patients for quality assurance and communicate with faculty and staff about simulation inconsistencies; Ability to accept ongoing feedback from supervisor/trainer and incorporate into case simulation; Ability to provide feedback to learners and colleagues in a constructive manner; Ability to read, write, and speak English sufficiently to perform the functions of the job.


No experience required.


Minimum of 18 years of age.

Applicant must be enrolled in the University of Alaska system taking a minimum of 6 credits per semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or a newly enrolled student.


This is a part-time, student worker position for up to 4 hours each week.

This is a pool of applicants which the Health Sciences Simulation Center will draw from when Standardized Patients are needed to perform as patients or patient family members for students. This position is temporary and work is assigned as needed.

Qualified applicants will be placed into a hiring pool from which Standardized Patients will be hired. Acceptance into the qualified applicant pool does not constitute an offer of employment. Those hired must sign a Consent and Non­ Disclosure Agreement.

Simulated Participant Positions:

Simulated Participant temporary employees will be assigned duties as outlined in Level 1, Level 2, or Level 4 position descriptions below.

A Simulated Participant (SP) portrays a patient for the clinical education and training of healthcare professionals. There are varied SP positions:
1: Patient Model (SP level 1): $12.50/hour
2: Simulated Participant Performer (SP level 2): $25.00/hour
3: Medical Model (SP level 4): $50.00/hour
Successful applicants may choose to be appointed for one, two, or all three position(s).


In addition to the work history and reference contact information requested in the application form, you may also upload a resume and cover letter with your application if you choose.

This is a pooled position, which means that the position remains open over the entire academic year.


Disclaimer : Applicant must check the company profile before joining, is no way responsible for any loss.